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rachel voss
rachel voss
Welcome friends and thank you for visiting
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Over the past 6 years, we have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of athletes from around the world, sharing their lives with their families and developing GREAT FRIENDS. We have been welcomed into a family of elite and dedicated athletes - young and old, civilian and military, including "The Wounded Warriors".

It is our hope that this website will inspire you to dream big and KNOW you can get there, too
. We have learned a lot about faith, courage, determination, and hard work. We see it every day of Rachel's life, and WE ARE BLESSED.

Thank you for your interest and support. Without it, Rachel could not afford to reach all of her goals. Because she has not been allowed to participate in high school sports with able bodied students, Rachel has had to find local and national organizations that encourage disabled athletes to reach their fitness and athletic potential, master leadership and teamwork skills, and learn valuable life lessons through goal setting and competition. The cost of travel, lodging, competition fees, and equipment maintenance has been overwhelming, but your financial support has made it possible.

We are more than humbled by the kindness of others and the overwhelming power of the human spirit. Since this happened to Rachel, we have been helped and guided through adversity many times by wonderful people. We have discovered and developed valuable resources to help people with disabilities.

If you have any questions or comments, or just need "a friend" to talk to, please contact us at:

Laurie - chomama1959@aol.com
Richard - rvoss618@aol.com

We hope you have been inspired to regard your own problems as challenges and no longer
as obstacles.

Richard and Laurie Voss

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